Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

You are entrusting us with your personal information when you use our services. We recognise that this is a significant task, and we work hard to protect your data and give you power.

C4Changer and its operator C4Changer Limited respects your privacy. All information collected from this site will be kept strictly confidential and will not be sold, rented, loaned or otherwise disclosed, except when we are required to provide information to comply with a specific legal process or law.

Any personal information obtained by C4Changer with a purpose of providing our services will be used strictly in accordance with this privacy policy. C4Changer takes its user privacy seriously. Any information we obtain from users will be used exclusively for processing orders and providing our services to user. 

Our privacy policy applies to legitimate users only. Any user attempting to defraud us or anybody else will therefore not be considered as a legitimate user, and our Privacy policy does not apply to such individuals.

Protection of very sensitive information such as passphrase, account numbers, etc. are considered as highly confidential and are stored in our databased in hashed (encrypted) form. 

Any changes to this privacy policy will be immediately posted in this section of our website.

This privacy policy complies with domestic legislation regarding protection of personal information. This policy also complies with international legislation and treaties regarding personal data protection (including Data Protection Act 1998).

Last update: March 10 2019